Rehabilitation Programmes

South Sydney Sports Medical Center SSSMC have experienced practitioners to provide you with an individually tailored, sports and occupation specific programme. With consideration of your injury, weakness or with prevention in mind your programme will allow you to see results and avoid further problems.

We are well equipped to work you through a programme designed for you and your injury. And where appropriate provide you with the right advise and skills to take your programme home or to your local gym.

Our Rehab Services

Our rehabilitation services falls into two major categories:-

1. In Clinic Rehabilitation 2. Home rehabilitation

In Clinic Rehabilitation Program

The rehabilitation programmes are predominantly run by the physiotherapist. Doctors at our clinic also have a good idea as to which direction the rehab should be proceeding. The physiotherapists are perhaps somewhat more involved in the exact nature of the rehab program.

For example;
• the exact body position and movement
• the number of repetitions
• the load be it dumbbells, pulleys, rubber bands, your own body weight
• the level of pain you should expect while exercising

Our clinic SSSMC has one of the largest onsite rehabilitation areas in the Eastern Suburbs, The rehabilitation gym is presented to you, in the video on the home page. You will also see in the video how large our parking is, under the practice.

Pneumatic Pulleys – These are powered by an air compressor. This provides an EXACT load when is use. Weighted pulleys can be high load if used fast or low load if used low. Our pulleys give the same load if used fast or slow. The pulleys are fully adjustable so they can be used for shoulders, hamstrings, hips or central torso core exercises.

Stationary Bike – The standby for lower limb strength and endurance.

Swiss Balls – Full range of sizes for exercises balls. Not exactly a gym in your pocket but a myriad of exercises can be performed with these. The physiotherapist will guide you as to which exercise is right for you.

Balance Boards – We have four different types of “wabble” board. For many injuries balance exercises are far more important than “strength” exercises.

Pilates Reformer – The standard piece of pilates equipment, spring loaded. Multiple exercises for upper and lower limbs and most particularly the “core”.

Leg Press – Run via the air compressor. Soften the load. Arguably the best piece of equipment for knee injuries. Fully adjustable for load,  minimum and maximum knee bend.

Large Mirror – See your malalignment. See your movement that is off centre?

Dumbbells – Full range of therapeutic dumbbells. Ideal for training home exercises.

Mini-Tramp – Way out of fashion these days but great for low load balance exercises.

Steps/Platforms/Boxes – Mainly for lower leg exercises. Box jumps at the high end and 10cm step downs at the easier end.

Balls – Basketballs, 16kg weighted balls, 4 kg throwing balls, ball of pay due for hard exercises.

Exercise Mats – For floor exercises.

Balance Beam– Made from soft foam. Walk. Balance practice.

Hip activator – Can strengthen hip extension/flexion and abduction/adduction. Strengthen the forgotten joint in gyms.

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