Physiotherapy Services

Musculo-skeletal Assessment

Your physiotherapist will provide you with a comprehensive assessment in order to establish a diagnosis and identify causative factors.

This will involve a detailed subjective assessment to acquire history of the injury, aggravating factors & goals for return to normal activity.

The assessment will also involve examining the problem area and perhaps associated areas. Specific evidence based testing of joints, muscles & ligaments and functional tests may also occur.

So it is helpful to wear appropriate clothing in order for the part to be examined effectively.

Using an experienced, “hands on” approach we will provide treatment that will reduce your symptoms, improve your flexibility & function.

Exercise Prescription

Our experienced Physiotherapists can devise a rehabilitation programme appropriate for your injury, stage of recovery and take you through it step by step.

Our gym can allow you a chance to exercise under our supervision.

A large part of your rehab will be your home programme and you will be encouraged to take responsibility for this. We will progress you through the various stages incorporating functional and sports/ job specific exercises.

Dry Needling

The majority of our Physiotherpists are experienced in Dry Needling and may offer this to you as an adjunct to your treatment.
It will be at the therapist’s discretion as to whether it is appropriate and your informed consent is essential.

Plastering Application & Removal

Our physiotherapists are experienced in the application and removal of Plaster and Fibreglass casts.


Our therapists are experienced in the design and making of thermoplastic splints. Often used as guards in certain sporting / work / activities of daily living situations.


Our therapists often use strapping tape in all its forms rigid, kinesio, elastic, as part of your treatment. And are experienced in determining which form is appropriate for your injury.

And we are available for pre sport taping – an appointment is required.

Tape is also available for purchase through the clinic.


Crutches are available for purchase at the Clinic.

Our Physiotherapists are experienced at correct fitting and safe use.


A wide variety of braces are obtainable through the clinic and our therapists can assist with their selection for your particular requirements,

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