Sports Pilates

Clinical Pilates

South Sydney Sports Medicine offers Clinical Pilates classes which are designed to restore strength, stability and balance to the body.

The name Pilates is from the founding father Joseph Pilates. He developed the programme partly whilst interred in a camp during World War I and refined later in New York where he developed a reputation amongst the local dance and performing arts community.

Pilates developed specialised apparatus to improve the outcomes of his exercise protocols. So far from being a fad, it is one of the oldest forms of supervised exercise. The other distinctive thing with Pilates is the specialised apparatus that he developed. These were designed to exercise many body areas and muscle groups rather than the weight gym principal of exercising individual muscles. The most common of these devices is the reformer which can be used in dozens of different ways.

We offer small group classes and private sessions taught by our physiotherapists which ensure personalised exercise prescription and adequate supervision.

Pilates can assist with improving posture and alignment, prevent injury, improve sports performance, address chronic pain and injuries and reduce imbalances in the body.

See below for current time table and costs.


• 5pm-6pm Mat Class
• 6pm – 7pm Mat Class

• 7.15am – 8.00am Equipment Class

• 5.15pm – 6.15pm Mat Class
• 6.15pm – 7.15pm Mat Class

• 7.15am – 8.00am Equipment Class
• 2.00pm – 2.45pm Equipment Class


$90 for private session 1 hour
$45  for equipment class (up to 3 people)
$30 per mat class or $250 for 10 pack (up to 8 people)