The sports podiatry services at South Sydney Sports Physiotherapy are provided by the team from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry (OSP).  Podiatrists and specifically sports podiatrists can assess your foot mechanics to help determine the underlying cause/s of your foot, knee, hip, leg and even lower back discomfort and then develop a management plan to solve the problem. Please note that our podiatrists do not perform general podiatry services at Kensington (ie; they don’t cut toenails, corns, calluses, etc) – this is only available at the Maroubra clinic.

The services offered at Kensington are as follows:

• Sports Podiatry – the specialty dealing with biomechanical, sporting & overuse complaints of the foot & lower limb.
• Biomechanics of the feet and legs.
• Video treadmill gait analysis.
• Orthotic (arch support) prescription – pre-made & custom-made. Custom-made ‘Sports Orthotics’ are flexible, cushioned and not rigid devices that block all foot movements.
• Honest professional opinion on whether or not your child will benefit from kids orthotics.
• Orthotic repairs and recovers are available when appropriate.
• Footwear evaluation & advice (casual, sports, industrial & safety).
• Workers compensation & third party assessments & treatment.
• Medico-Legal Assessments and Reporting.

Generally, if you are suffering from overuse complaints/injuries to the feet, ankles, knees, hips & lower back when standing, walking or running, we can help if your foot mechanics are a contributing factor. The conditions treated include, but are not limited to the following –

• Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction and Accessory Naviculars
• 1st MTP joint (big toe joint) Osteoarthritis and Bunions
• Plantar plate injuries
• Patellofemoral joint pain (Runner’s Knee)
• Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin Splints)
• Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)
• Children’s “Growing Pains”

Should you need more information please go to www.orthoticsolutionspodiatry.com.au or click to Book Online or call us on 1300 1 2 FEET (3338).