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South Sydney Sports Medicine is a true multi-disciplinary sports clinic. Services include:

Sports Doctors
Clinical Pilates

We have the right provider for your musculoskeletal injuries – tendonitis, shoulder ailments, knee sprains, neck pain, low back pain, overuse injuries, school sports injuries.  Such injuries represent a typical days fare for the clinic.

Musculoskeletal injuries can be managed by a physiotherapist. You do not require a doctors referral, to make an appointment with our physiotherapists. Call us today on 9663 5999 to find out more.

Minor injuries would usually settle after a period of one or two weeks. Physiotherapy treatments can accelerate the rate of recovery. Professional sports people would often visit their preferred physio, on a daily basis. For the suburban athlete, getting back to optimum fitness quickly is usually not as important. Treatment frequency can be accommodated to each patient’s needs and circumstance.

Deciding when the time is right to return to sport, is critical for optimal recovery.

We have a car park directly under our clinic at 111 Anzac Parade in Kensington. It is easy to access when driving towards the city on Anzac Parade. When you see Todman Avenue to your left, turn on your indicator and get ready to turn left into the driveway to proceed towards the car park.

If your problem is more serious, you are welcome to make an appointment with one of our Sports Doctors. These doctors are specialists in sports related injuries and may take up to a week, before you have your appointment with them.

The practice also has a podiatrist, with fully fitted rooms suitable for gait analysis. The podiatrist Stuart Hayes can attend to your feet or help you with any footwear problems.

Sports injuries do not only include ankles and knees, they also include lower back, neck or shoulder injuries as well. All our clinicians are qualified and experienced, with the ability to treat any type of injury. They have spent years catering to the injuries incurred during rugby league, water polo, rugby union, dancing, soccer, rowing and the most dangerous of professional sports, a jockey at the Royal Randwick racecourse.

The clinic has several large doctors rooms at the front and a huge physio clinic down the back. The physio area is halved for an exercise gym and the other half set up as cubicles. These cubicles contain automatic up and down beds for patient treatments.

As with sports injuries, work related injuries come in all shapes and sizes. You can have a quick return to work with the right medical advice and physio rehabilitation. In the past we have had onsite physio at Qantas, Woolworths and Chubb. We were employed to ensure their employees had a quick return to work, following on site injuries. The term industrial athlete, is appropriate for the physio treatment given to injured workers. For peace of mind, know that your work related injury can be treated promptly, by our clinicians and the use of our facilities at South Sydney Sports Medicine. Click here to book with us today.

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